Let’s Play Blog Tag… I’m It!

There’s a viral game of blog tag going around, where bloggers tag each other to post five things about themselves on their blog. I’ve been tagged simultaneously by Ferry den Dopper, my Dutch counterpart and Muriel Vandermeulen, who has an interesting blog (in French) about how to write for the web.

I guess it means that either a) someone wants to know or b) (the most likely reason) they ran out of people to tag… So here it is:

5 little-known facts about myself

  1. I speak 2.85 languages
    As a linguist wannabe, I have studied several languages including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), German, Spanish and (currently) Hindi. I am originally a Francophone and I also speak English. The remaining 0.85 language is separated as follows:

    • Chinese:0.00 (I forgot everything!)
    • German: 0.05 (Read Only)
    • Spanish: 0.25 (Read & Understand)
    • Hindi: 0.55 (Read, Understand, Speak 30% fluently)
  2. My High School career profile found me best suited to be an oceanographer
    Even though I don’t really like water or submarines
  3. Every single hat I have ever tried on has looked good on me
    Consequently, I am saddened by the fact that people don’t wear hats anymore, and I can’t wear any of my vintage hats outside the house…
  4. My current favourite TV show is Battlestar Galactica
    I haven’t felt this good about a SciFi show since Babylon 5!
  5. I killed my first fly at 6 months of age
    By a freak coincidence, I threw my shoe and it landed on the wall, on an unsuspecting fly that had just landed in that very spot!

Now it’s my turn to tag:

  • Cristina Favreau, a good friend of mine and passionate Small Business Coach
  • Language Hat, my favourite linguistic blogger, who also happens to love hats!
  • Sandrine Prom Tep, of ergonomia.ca, a Montreal-based usability colleague I have yet to meet

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