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Let’s Play Blog Tag… I’m It!

There’s a viral game of blog tag going around, where bloggers tag each other to post five things about themselves on their blog. I’ve been tagged simultaneously by Ferry den Dopper, my Dutch counterpart and Muriel Vandermeulen, who has an interesting blog (in French) about how to write for the web. I guess it means that either a) […]

Website Usability Evaluation

A website usability evaluation analyses your website’s strengths and weaknesses, gives practical recommendations to improve it and includes a free 30-minute telephone consultation Benefits of a user-friendly website: Visitors will stay longer on your site, giving you more time to convince them to choose you over your competition A user-friendly website gives you credibility and makes you appear professional and knowledgeable Making things easy for your visitors shows you recognize […]

Writing for the Web

Content written specifically for the web increases visit duration,improves credibility and gives your busy users a positive experience by going straight to the point. Writing for the Web People read very differently on a screen than they do on paper; make sure you get your point across by optimizing your web content so your visitors effectively get your message. Pricing Editing and […]

Email Marketing Services

All-in-One We take care of designing the template, managing your subscriber list, putting together your mailings and sending them out. All you have to do is tell us what you want to send and when! Self-Serve We provide you with a template and a personal online control panel so you can manage your mailings yourself. Template Design Your […]

User-Friendly Website Design

A user-friendly website is designed with your potential and current clients in mind; it is aligned with your business goals. Why you should have a user-friendly website Your website can help your business Your website is not just an online brochure; it can actively contribute to your business’ growth. Websites that are not user-friendly turn away clients Most people will come […]